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Max Headroom And Max Light: Two Guys You Want To Meet In A Tiny Apartment

Creating fictional names around which you can build a joke about a particular situation is a type of comedy most people find funny and relatable. In fact, you probably have already applied this to a particular problem you experience in your tiny apartment. In your tiny apartment, you share the space with Max Headroom and Max Light, and boy, it is crowded! All jokes aside, you could use more head room and more light, but you just do not know how to do it. Here are some options that can help.

Buy LED Flat Panels

If your landlord is willing, ask if you can buy and install LED flat panels. These lights immediately double the amount of light in your apartment, and remove the light fixtures that frequently hit you in the head. (After all, you do not really need a chandelier in the eat-in kitchen, do you?) The flat panels hug the ceiling, providing "max head room" for you, on top of the "max light" you really need. If your landlord cannot install the lights, you may have to pay an electrician, but as long as you have your landlord's permission for the job, the benefits are worth it.

Install Reflective Surfaces or Repaint with High Gloss Paint

Another option your landlord may say yes to is repainting the apartment. High gloss paint is highly reflective and causes light to bounce off the walls and back into the room. Some landlords are completely okay with the fresh paint job, especially if they had planned to repaint the walls anyway. If you offer to pay for the paint and do the job yourself, without expecting your landlord to repay you, he or she might consider that a pretty good deal.

Another type of reflective surface that can help is the installation of glass panels. These can be hung along the top of the walls where the ceiling lights will hit them, causing the light to bounce back into the center of the room. Everything looks brighter than it did before, and the glass or mirrored panels make the apartment look larger too.

Use Stick-on Privacy Films Instead of Window Coverings

A lot of times the problem with getting enough natural light in a tiny apartment is that you only have so many windows, and all of them have blinds or curtains on them for privacy. Instead of curtains or blinds, apply stick-on privacy films instead. The films will allow all of the natural light through while giving you plenty of privacy. These are usually sold in hardware stores for use on bathroom windows, but you can cut the films to fit any window for "max light."  Contact a company, like LED Lighting Wholesale Inc., for more help.