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Why Choose Digital Signs

When you are designing a corporate space, making sure you have a way to direct people through your building and send out messages to customers and/or employees is an important consideration. While you could use painted signs, digital signs give you all kinds of options and flexibility that you would not have with a painted sign. While the initial cost of a digital sign will be more than you would have with a painted sign, the flexibility of a digital sign will more than make up for the cost. 

Digital Sign Options

The first thing to know about digital signs is that you have more than one option. Digital signs rely on an electric sign and a program to display a message. For example, you could have a sign that is made up of a series of LED bulbs. Messages are created as certain bulbs light up and others don't. These signs are limited to displaying messages made up of letters and a limited number of symbols. While such signs will provide you with some functionality, a better option is to get a sign made up of a LED display. Such a sign will look like a flat-screen TV and will allow you to display pictures, videos, and messages set against various backgrounds. Choosing which sign will work for you depends on looking at your budget and your needs and then choosing a sign that will work.


Changing the image projected by your digital sign depends on changing the programming for your sign. All digital signs are connected to a computer with a program that allows people to change the message projected by the sign. The type of message you can program the sign to display is limited by the display capabilities of the sign and by the parameter of the program. This is where you see the true benefit of a digital sign. If you want to change the message on a painted sign, you have to replace it with a newly painted sign. With a digital sign, you just have to spend a few minutes changing the program. 

Digital signs are a great way to improve a workspace. Color displays can improve the ambiance as well as improving your ability to communicate with employees and/or customers. If you are looking to improve the science in your place of business, talk to someone about having custom digital signs made for your needs. 

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