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Working From Home While Raising Kids: Add Telephone Headsets To Your Parenting Tool Box

If you are working from home at a freelance or home business while little ones are busy under foot, you already know that juggling phone calls and tending to childcare tasks can be a challenge. While it won't solve all your problems, telephone headsets can make life easier for everyone. Consider these benefits of using a headset with your phone when you work from home while caring for your children.

Frees Up Your Hands: Office workers may enjoy the freedom of being able to type and take notes while talking on the phone, but your needs are probably a little different. When you use a headset with your phone you can tie shoes, help little ones get dressed and even assist your toddler with his lunch.  Freeing up your hands means you can still give hugs, cuddle and even change an emergency diaper without the need to cut the important call short.

Cuts Background Noise: Headsets with noise-cancelling microphones are designed to eliminate background noise so the person on the other end only hears your voice. That means that when you negotiate the new gig with a prospective client your little ones can be happily watching videos or dancing to kid music in the background at the same time. You may be surrounded by wiggling toddlers, but your new client won't have a clue. This means you are likely to be taken more seriously and your new client won't be worried that you already have too much to handle efficiently.

Improves Concentration: Wearing a binaural headset that fits over both ears will improve your concentration and focus. These headsets filter out the background noise in your environment so you can hear the voice on the phone clearly. While you can't wear these and leave your little ones to their devices, you can settle your kiddos down where they are in clear view without silencing their fun. These headsets make life easier for both you and your children while you work from home.

Promotes Mobility: Wireless telephone headsets allow you to move freely inside your home while talking on the phone. When working from home, that means you can check that baby is resting peacefully during nap time or prepare a quick snack for little ones while finishing up an important call. Because you can move when you need to, your children can enjoy the freedom of normal kid play without the need to stay put while you are on the phone.

Improves Posture and Relieves Stress: Because you don't need to cradle the phone with your neck or juggle the phone when attending to other tasks (like catching little Johnny before he takes a tumble) you will reap health benefits too. Telephone headsets improve your posture and relieve the strain on neck muscles that can lead to neck and back problems.

Elimiates Missed Calls: A telephone headset equipped with a handset lifter allows you to answer the phone even when you can't get to the phone in time. This technology eliminates missed calls and the annoying need to play phone tag with clients. You can answer and take the call from anywhere within the range of your wireless service. In many cases, that means you can answer from the deck or patio or even when playing in the backyard with your children.

Wireless headsets provide you with flexibility as you work from home while raising little ones, but they should be used in moderation. While your young children can be taught to respect your need to take a call, expecting them to occupy themselves for hours while you chat away is neither realistic nor healthy. Think of your phone headset as a tool to use when needed and avoid the temptation to overuse it to cancel out the noise of your children. Schedule time into your daily work schedule just for your kids and they are more likely to cooperate when you need to take an important call.

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