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How To Use A Thermal Camera To Up Your Spy Game

There are plenty of reasons to start building an arsenal of spy gadgets. You probably won't need watches full of knock-out gas, but there are things that can help you take control of your life, help others, and even spy on the supernatural. Perhaps the best tool to start with is a thermal infrared camera, which sees non-visible light and converts it to an image your brain can understand. Here's why.

Neighborhood Security

Have you ever heard something go bump in the night, but when you got up to check on the noise all you saw was darkness? It's a bummer, but you can prevent that from happening from now on. Infrared radiation is non-visible light. It was discovered in the year 1800 by Sir Frederick William Herschel when he decided to test the temperature of each color of the visible light spectrum. He projected light through a prism onto a surface to which he attached thermometers. He included one thermometer on each side of the projected rainbow as a control. He found that visible light does in fact have variable temperatures, but to his shock the thermometer placed beyond the visible light on the red side of the spectrum was hotter than any other temperature.

Today this information is used to capture images on special sensors. Infrared light is experienced by humans as heat, so it's useful to think of infrared cameras as heat cameras. If you station an infrared camera to keep watch over your home you'll catch anything with body heat that goes bump in the night and be able to play it back. Infrared essentially sees through the dark.

Search and Rescue

In addition to finding the culprit responsible for scary noises or vandalism on your property, you can use infrared cameras to find important things. They are used by search and rescue teams when they are attempting to locate a missing person in the dark, since it is easier to detect body heat than visible light after dusk. They can also be used to locate the missing neighborhood pet. Using an infrared camera can give you the best possible chance of finding the missing body-heat-emitter before they are no longer emitting body heat. What spy wouldn't get a genuine thanks for using their gadgets for such a noble purpose?

Ghost Hunting

With infrared you're not limited to spying on the living. It is believed by many that ghosts use various forms of energy to manifest and communicate. Most of these energies are not detectable by human senses alone, so many ghost hunters rely on devices like EMF (electro-magnetic field) detectors, white noise generators, and, you guessed it, infrared. Infrared cameras can detect the cold spots that have become synonymous with supernatural activity, as well as what some believe are the physical manifestations of spirits through heat, which have been known to take the shape of the human form. Whether this is due to proof of paranormal activity or camera flares and a trick of the human mind is up to you to decide.

Being an urban spy is all about using the right tool for the job and doing some good in your community. Infrared cameras help make such tasks easier. It doesn't matter whether you're trying to safeguard your neighborhood against burglary, theft or vandalism, find Mrs. Jones' lost kitten, or convince your neighbor that your back porch really is haunted, adding an infrared camera to your arsenal is a good idea. High end models can run about $8,000, but more affordable models are available in most security stores or online. Are you ready to up your spy game with one of the coolest gadgets you've ever seen?