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Five Simple Tech Gadgets You Shouldn't Go Off To College Without

When you're setting up the television and computer systems in your dorm room, coordinating with classmates on presentations, and trying to get work done in coffee shops and libraries between classes, it's important to have the right tech gadgets to get the job done right. Most college students would not dream of heading off to college without a laptop, their smartphone, and perhaps a printer, but these are just the big things you need to make school go smoothly. Here's a look at five little tech gadgets that you're most likely to need at one time or another.

A USB to HDMI Converter

With all of the websites available to stream movies these days, there's a good chance you're getting your TV through your computer, rather than through a cable box. The downfall to this is that if you want to watch TV with your friends, you'll all have to stare at your tiny computer screen or purchase an expensive smart TV. That is, unless you have an HDMI converter. This handy little device plugs into the USB port on any laptop or tablet and converts the signal to an HDMI signal, which can be read and displayed on your TV. This allows you to display anything you might stream on your computer on your full-size, non-smart television.

A Laptop Lock

Imagine you're studying in the library, and you need to use the bathroom. Packing up your laptop and carrying it with you is time-consuming and annoying, but if you leave it behind, someone may steal it. If you bring a laptop lock along with you to college, you can easily lock your computer to a chair or table, so it's safe if you step away for a few minutes.

A USB Wall Outlet Adapter... Or Three

Almost all small electronics these days, from smartphones to tablets to cameras, come with USB-based chargers. You can charge these directly from the wall if you have a USB wall outlet adapter. This is a lot more convenient than having to start up your computer each time you want to charge your other electronics. These little gadgets tend to go missing and get lost easily, since they are small, so it's wise to bring three or four of them along so you always have one handy.

An ID-Pocket Phone Case

In college, you're going to be asked for your student ID a lot. You'll likely need to swipe it going into the dorms, when purchasing meals, and maybe even before taking tests if you're attending a large university with big classes. Purchasing a phone case with a special pocket to hold your ID will make it easy to keep your ID within easy reach all of the time. You just have to remember one thing when going out the door, instead of two.

A Portable Battery Charger For Your Phone

It's no fun to be out with your friends and have your phone die. In fact, this situation may even be dangerous when you're new in town and don't know your way around yet. Purchasing a portable phone charger for your phone will ensure you're never without a charge. Most hold enough power to recharge your phone several times, so you can spend all day out and about without having to stop and plug your phone in once. A portable battery charger is a lot more reliable than just bringing your charging cord with you since you don't need to be near an outlet to use it.

None of these gadgets are overly expensive, and they're all bound to come in handy more than once while you're away at college. Add them to your must-have list before you head to school. You can even suggest these items to friends and family members who want to give you going away or graduation presents.