How Your Company Might Benefit From Satellite Phone Rentals

If you have a company that tends to send some employees out on jobs outside of your base location, you will want to consider the use of satellite phone rentals. If you are not familiar with the use of satellite phones on the job, you might not have a full understanding of their benefits. Read on to learn more. They Work Where There Isn't Reception When you have some of your employees working far out in the field where there is hardly any cell service to be found, the satellite phones can be a blessing. [Read More]

Want To Illuminate Your Home? 4 Ways To Use LED Strip Lights

With the combination of floor lamps, ceiling lights, and natural lighting, you may get enough general lighting for your house. But, this does not mean that you have the right lighting for every situation. You may want to add LED strip lights throughout the house to add illumination. While strip lights will not provide as much light as high wattage bulbs, you should not have a tough time finding many places to put them in your home to create desirable lighting. [Read More]

Max Headroom And Max Light: Two Guys You Want To Meet In A Tiny Apartment

Creating fictional names around which you can build a joke about a particular situation is a type of comedy most people find funny and relatable. In fact, you probably have already applied this to a particular problem you experience in your tiny apartment. In your tiny apartment, you share the space with Max Headroom and Max Light, and boy, it is crowded! All jokes aside, you could use more head room and more light, but you just do not know how to do it. [Read More]

Accessories For Your New Apartment's TV

One of the most important decisions when it comes time to move into a new apartment is to decide how to set up your new television. Once you've purchased the television, you have a lot of other things to get. It's not just an issue of choosing the exact size of the flat screen television; it's also an issue of deciding what else you will need to get in order to make the television setup really work well in your apartment. [Read More]